Photovoltaic kit

The photovoltaic kit enables you to self-generate electricity and benefit financially either through energy clearing (net-metering) where the energy produced is balanced by consumed one or through accounts clearing (feed in tariff) where the energy produced is transmitted to public network and compensated in cash. Easy to install and operate, it is the ideal choice for you to have control of the consumption and cost of electricity you use.

  • Reduction of electricity usage cost
  • Suitable for various loads (lighting, security, etc.)
  • Aesthetic appearance with black solar module
  • Maximum power output regardless of weather conditions (eg low sunlight)
  • Great resistance to high temperatures and humidity
Technical specifications
  • Inverter
  • Ceiling Support System
  • Electrical equipment (cables, panels and DC / AC, lightning protection, etc.)
Solar Module
  • High efficiency CIGS photovoltaic frames
  • Frames of 100Wp

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