Standalone PV Kit

The stand-alone PV kit, designed to meet your energy needs, allows you to produce electricity through photovoltaic systems. Easy to be installed and operated, it is the ideal choice for places and areas where the grid connection is not easily accessible.

  • Suitable for various load situations (lighting, security, etc.)
  • LED light choices as a load (DC appliance)
  • High efficiency thin film solar cells encased in reinforced glass
  • Superior performance in low light conditions
  • Highly resistant to high temperatures and high humidity
  • Longer daytime operation duration
Technical specifications
Solar Module
  • Amorphous solar technology
  • Modules of 110Wp
User Load Choices
  • LED lights, 10W
  • LED lamps, 2.5W
  • Lead acid battery AGM type
  • Reliable and robust
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Low self-discharge
  • 26Ah, 55Ah or 108Ah

Contact us to design a custom-made solution to your needs.
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Standalone PV Kit
Standalone PV Kit
Standalone PV Kit