Hanergy Hellas

Hanergy Global Solar Power Hellas, based in Athens, was founded in 2012 and is responsible for the markets of the Balkans, Cyprus, and Turkey.

Our main areas of activation are:

  • Creation, investment and management of hydroelectric power, wind and photovoltaic power plants.
  • Advisory and technical services.
  • Sale of photovoltaic products.

We act in flexible, professional teams with a collective experience of 29 years in the development of photovoltaic projects, with a total capacity of 230 MWp throughout Europe.

For our photovoltaic products, we use innovative thin film technology (thin film) offering:

  • Excellent ability to capture diffuse light in low-light conditions and to generate energy
  • Constant energy in situations of low exposure to the sun (clouds, fog, sunrise, sunset)
  • Reduce emissions during their production due to use less energy

In Hanergy Global Solar Power Greece we have the experience, expertise and high-quality technology and products to create projects so as to provide renewable, clean energy and ensure the viability of our society.